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Protection 4 Life with Genesis

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Protection 4 Life Genesis X24 UV Caplets health system symmetry Canada CNS329


  • Genesis - An exclusive, delicious formula featuring 24 hour antioxidant protection along with the complete benefits of resveratrol, ellagitannins, healing herbs, and more!

  • Ultra Vitality Nutrapack (caplets)  – A unique blend of life's most essential vitamins, minerals and herbal ingredients that delivers daily energy and nutrition in an easily digestible form.

  • MegaJuice Antioxidant - A powerful, revolutionary blend that provides important plant-derived phytonutrients and antioxidants, equivalent to 4-5 servings of fruits and vegetables.

  • Advanced Omega – Fatty acids support the health of your caardiovascular and circulatory systems. It provides both Omega 3 and Omega 6 fatty acids in the most effective ratios.

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customer testimonial for Protection for Life with Genesis juice
Beth Schupanitz
Plymouth, Minnesota

"I've been taking Genesis, and it truly helped my health out tremendously. I had allergies, the flu and colds at least 3 to 4 times a year, and my energy level wasn't where it should have been. I would get tired easily and required about nine to ten hours of sleep to feel rested. Since using Genesis for the past two years, I've only had one tiny cold and my allergies are basically non-existent. Also, my energy level is up and I can survive on 7-8 hours of sleep now. I will continue to take Symmetry Genesis for the rest of my life."

Bernie Rotolante
Redondo Beach, California

"My busy lifestyle often meant that I was up very late at night and awake early in the morning. I frequently didn’t have the energy to sustain me during the day. Since I started using the Protection 4 Life products I have more energy, more stamina and I feel great."

Erin and Jimmy K.
"The Protection 4 Life with Genesis health system is so complete with all four formulas with so many daily nutrients to keep your body in good shape." Remember to do the BotanaCleanse cleansing a couple time a year."

Information on Protection 4 Life with Genesis:

Protection 4 Life with Genesis brings together thousands of years of nutritional knowledge incorporating the latest findings of modern science to deliver strong support for your health.

It is a truly unique foundation for health, vitality and a long life. With powerful multi-nutrients, essential antioxidants, fatty acids and immune enhancing herbal blends, these comprehensive and complementary product packs have been created to work together synergistically to improve your nutrition, provide more energy and promote long-term health.

The simple, four-step Protection 4 Life program is the most convenient way to ensure that you are getting life's most complete, balanced nutrition you need to feel better, look younger and live longer!

Protection 4 Life with Genesis includes four health formulas:

  • Genesis
  • Ultra Vitality Nutrapack
  • MegaJuice
  • Marine Lipids / Advanced Omega


Barbara R.

"I started using the MegaJuice because I was not eating enough vegetables. I am impressed with the health changes since using it and the Ultravitality Nutrapack and the Genesis products."


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Dr. Lewis Wright
New York

"I can truly say that the quality of the Symmetry nutritional products has enhanced my health and, most importantly, allowed me to improve the quality of health of the many patients that I serve. These high quality nutritional supplements help us reach the level of optimal good health, while providing us with a defense system to offset and protect us against the multitude of pollutants that we are exposed to every day. In addition, Symmetry products are safe and can be used by people of all ages. I find that they are an essential part of any health preventive program."


Support in Body Protection 4 Life with Genesis

Main Support 

Other Support

  • Nutrition
  • Metabolic system
    (liver, hormones, digestion)
  • Nervous system
    (nerves, brain, spinal chord)
  • Renal system
    (kidneys, bladder, urethra)
  • Respiratory system
    (lungs, diaphragm, throat, mouth, nasal)
  • Skeletal system
    (bones, spine, skull)
  • Brain
  • Cardiovascular system
    (heart, arteries, blood vessels)
  • Digestive system
    (stomach, colon, intestines)
  • Endocrine system
    (hormones, pituitary, thyroid, pancreas, adrenal, pineal glands)
  • Eyes
  • Immune system
  • Reproductive system
    (fertility, ovaries, period,
    hormones, sperm
  • Hair
  • Skin
  • Joints
  • Liver
  • Weight loss and control

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 Symmetry Protection 4 Life with Genesis
 Ingredients and Supplement Facts
Ingredients are on the FDA approved "generally recognized as safe" GRAS List:

See product webpages: 

Ultravitality NutraPack (caplets)

Mega Juice 

Marine Lipids / Advanced Omega





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